Special Education Compliance Group is not accepting new clients at this time.

For Schools
Federal and state special education regulations are continually evolving. Although these requirements can be complex, navigating them need not be daunting. Special Education Compliance Group advises public school districts and charter schools in Arizona so that they can improve and/or maintain Special Education service delivery in compliance with current federal and state regulations. Special Education Compliance Group can assess basic knowledge of the regulations and provide targeted recommendations, conduct in-service training, mentor special education directors, act as a special education monitor, assist with state administrative complaints, and work with schools to create effective corrective action plans. See services for detailed information.

For Parents
The world of special education can be complicated and frustrating for the uninitiated. If you are the parent of a student who is eligible to receive special education instruction and services, or if you believe your child needs special education instruction and services, then a special education advocate can help you understand the regulations and procedures, advise you on steps to take and questions to ask, and guide you through the process. See Parent Advocacy for detailed information.